My name is Guinevere Harrison. This site documents a portion of my graduate thesis in Visual & Critical Studies at California College of the Arts, where I completed my master’s degree in May 2008.

My current work explores the intersections of technology and culture, and my thesis examines interactive mapping practices and the emergent field of neogeography. I am a freelance writer and a copywriter at Chronicle Books, where I also blog about pop culture, art and design, and the publishing industry.

Contact me at guinevere.harrison at gmail, view my CV, or visit my LinkedIn profile.



I am deeply indebted to my thesis committee for their support and guidance:

Tirza True Latimer – Chair, Visual & Critical Studies, CCA
Rachel Schreiber – Associate Professor, CCA
Mitchell Schwarzer – Professor, CCA
Valerie Casey – Practice Head, Digital Experiences/Networked Culture, IDEO

Additionally, this project would not have been possible without the insight I gained from interviews and conversations with Gary Altstadt, Di-Ann Eisnor, Stefan Geens, David Gissen, Terry Hamilton, Caren Kaplan, Barry Katz, Kevin Killian, Mikel Maron, Jeff Micklos, Kate Moore, Susan Myrland, Lisa Parks, Lee Pembleton, Gregor Rebolj, Tracy Rolling, David Silver, Blake Stimson, Frank Taylor, Andrew Turner, Tim Waters, and Mabel Wilson. I am indebted to Paige Saez for inspiring my work with her “Hopeless Romantic” Platial map. Special thanks to Dan Bollwinkel, Victoria Gannon, Rae Quigley, and Erik Scollon for marking up all those drafts. And finally, to my husband Nick de la Mare, for his never-ending supply of creative inspiration and guidance.

Thoughts? Comments? Feel free to leave me a note below. Thanks!


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